People Are Trying To Get High By Eating Raw, Rotten Meat

Jesse Williams

By Jesse Williams

Jesse Williams

5 May 2021

People on the internet are forcing down chunks of rancid, raw meat in the chase of a euphoric high, IFL Science reports.

Called ‘high meat’ some of our “fellow” human beings are treating themselves to animal flesh left to decompose for months or even years radiating yellow, visibly bacteria riddled and coated in slime.

Take YouTube user Sv3rige who in 2017 ate, according to him a year-old jar high meat. Believe it or not he seemed to really enjoy the whole ordeal likening the tastes “mushrooms”, and even calling the meat “spicy” and “overwhelming” .

Youtuber Sv3rige

One Twitter user decided to bring ge trend back tweeting in early April, “A friend convinced me to eat raw rotten meat (high meat) yesterday and it actually felt great. Very interesting since everyone would think it’s crazy,” 

It is unclear if the “high” these rotten meat-eaters experience is due to an unknown mechanism, placebo effect, or dehydration and delirium due to a terrible gastric episode in the stomach brought on be eating the decaying meat.

However what we do know is that it’s wrong and let’s hope this trend has a longer more definitive death this time, for all our sakes.