Man Who Was Told To Keep £122k Mistakenly Given To Him By Bank Now Asked To Return It

Jesse Williams

By Jesse Williams

Jesse Williams

17 Oct 2023

A man who was told he could keep £122,000 mistakenly transferred into his account has now been told to return the fortune.

Londoner Urslaan Khan, 41, now has a six-figure whole in his wallet after returning the life changing sum despite being put on hold three times when he initially raised concern.

When the money entered his savings account, which had just £1 in it, Khan immediately informed Gatehouse Bank who erroneously told him the money was his to keep.

However, the fairytale lasted just 24 hours when the bank asked Urslaan to return the money.

He said: “I had £1 in my savings account. I’d set up a standing order, where £200 is meant to drop from there into my current account. But I didn’t have the money in there for that to happen. 

“So when it did I went to check my balance – and it said £122,000. It’s not only the case that they put the money in my account – they even allowed me to transfer it over to my Barclays account.”

Theorising the money was meant for another customer Khan added: “It seems like this person must have two accounts, Account A and Account B, and the bank meant to transfer funds from Account A to Account B. However, somewhere along the line, it ended up in my account, which I’ll call Account Z!” he said.

Reflecting Khan said: “I could have been financially secure for life if I had chosen to keep it, but I would have kept it a secret.”