Maryland’s Marques Martin Unveils His Debut Album ‘Brave & Afraid’

Elle Evans

By Elle Evans

Elle Evans

28 Aug 2020

Maryland rapper Marques Martin has crafted an increasingly exciting reputation for his precocious, introspective and rich approach to music! Today, the rising star dropped his debut album titled, Brave & Afraid.

The Maryland native’s debut body of work is an open, exploratory affair; creating a self-help, coming of age experience interwoven with stories of family, his existence as a young black man and his innermost thoughts, presented with lo-fi production, fluid melodies and indie sentiments. Going from a resonant yet humorous tale of unrequited love in the brooding Hailey to lamenting on the harsh realities of the realities of being young, black and broke in America with the experimental, bass-driven Dinner Date, Marques is unafraid to express the inner working of his heart. Expertly gliding amongst inspired performances on Latin-influenced rhythms of Belles and the poetic and near balladic Dance Songs, there’s a real focus however on defying the negative stereotypes that often plague Hip-Hop.

Brave & Afraid is an abundant, thoughtful and intricately layered project that announces Marques as one of the most interesting and charismatic young rappers in US right now.

Listen to Brave & Afraid below.