Master Peace Shares His Debut EP ‘Love Bites’

Elle Evans

By Elle Evans

Elle Evans

6 Nov 2020

Master Peace has unveiled his highly anticipated debut EP titled, Love Bites accompanied a set of fresh visuals for the title track!

Spread across 6 tracks, Master Peace takes centre stage for this project. Blurring lines between genres, this EP is filled with warmth and textures layers that see Master Peace boast his infectious hooks atop. Delivering the visuals for Love Bites, the rising star explained that this EP is intended to leave a stamp on Pop music.

Speaking on the release, Master Peace commented; “This EP is all about tapping into those teenage years, definitely, and all those bands that I loved!” explains Peace. “It’s a very playful vibe and I guess these tracks are rooted in indie as I wanted people to feel that euphoric feeling you get when you’re a teenager. Listening to “Love Bites” should makes you feel those butterflies in your stomach like when you’re in that honeymoon period. It’s a record about falling in love and that warm fuzzy daze everybody is in between the ages of 17 to 20.”

Listen to Love Bites below and on other streaming platforms here.