McDonald’s Monopoly Returning This Summer

Jesse Williams

By Jesse Williams

Jesse Williams

22 Mar 2021

Last the coronavirus pandemic put a stop to normal life in the UK, which amongst other things meant no McDonald’s Monopoly. But the golden arches has confirmed that the beloved annual Monopoly after a one year hiatus is back game is back.

Anyone who has played McDonald’s Monopoly Will know who easy it is to take part – just buy their food. Monopoly stickers are included on medium and large meals, as well as selected items such as fries, drinks and McFlurries, with players required to collect each sticker from the different property sets to win prizes.

In the past prizes included anything from £100,000, Mini Coopers, a £2,000 holiday, consoles and shopping vouchers.

The highlight for many is however the instant wins. Instant wins include food prizes that you can claim from the restaurant and include a variety of items such as ice cream sundaes, apple pies, burgers and more.

Let’s hope this is a good omen for summer 2021 after the distaste that was 2020.