Meet Maffia Records, The West Midlands Biggest Independent Label

Jesse Williams

By Jesse Williams

Jesse Williams

5 Oct 2021

Maffia Records are the biggest independent record label in the West Midlands priding themselves on working in favour of the artist they represent.

Their artist first philosophy seeps into their business practices as they create deals advantageous to artists, with fairer percentages, emphasising a culture of transparency and honesty. bukmeker am

Beyond music they also believe in philanthropic endeavours, which lead to the formation of the Hard Knock Foundation. kaszinó online huf Initially serving as Maffia Records reaction to the pandemic the group works with local restaurants to package up to 500 free meals, which are handed out to feed and support rough sleepers in their city.

Hard Knock also has its hands in youth development working with young people in the local secondary schools and colleges to offer and provide musical opportunities, studio time, guidance and tutorials at much cheaper rates.

Maffia’s current roster of artists includes singer Mvrnie and rapper Trillz, previously representing the likes of K2, Gambimi, the Wavy Gang duo, which included Rap Game contestant DDRoid, and popular Birmingham duo, Lotto Boyz.

The spirit of kindred collaboration & unity is very much active at the label having hinted at the release of a Birmingham Anthem record featuring many artists on their roster.

The wider goal for Maffia Records is to become a hub for Birmingham artists to assemble and share talents. gaminator kaszinó: ingyen nyerőgépek & kocka játék multi dice

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