Met Police Sgt Paul Storey Found To Have Raped Two Women But Will Not Be Charged Of Any Crime

Jesse Williams

By Jesse Williams

Jesse Williams

7 Apr 2022

A Metropolitan Police sergeant was found to have raped two women but is not set to face any charges.

A misconduct panel today concluded he raped and assaulted both women after hearing how Storey grabbed grabbed one of the women by the throat, dragged her down the stairs and threw her onto a table before he raping her.

Storey assaulted the second woman several times before raping her including hitting her around the head with a whisky bottle.

The women complained about Storey to Essex Police in November 2017 but he was moved to back-office duties until he handed in his resignation in September last year instead of being suspended.

The CPS despite receiving a full file of evidence on November 28, 2018, concluded there was not enough to prosecute Storey.

The victims challenged the decision but it was upheld after a review.

He has now been barred from serving in the Met or any other police force in the future. 

Ch Supt Stuart Bell described his behaviour as “abhorrent”.

“He subjected two women known to him to a number of sexual and physical assaults as well as coercive and controlling behaviour,” Bell said.

“It is hardly necessary for me to say that his behaviour has fallen very far below what we expect of our police officers. This type of abuse has a lasting and significant impact on victims and we take all allegations extremely seriously.”