Milli Contour drops off wavey new joint “Griselda”.

Rehana Harmony

By Rehana Harmony

Rehana Harmony

6 Nov 2020

South-East London, trap-wave artist Milli Contour is back with his infectious new single titled – ‘Griselda’.

On the track the rapper shows off his easygoing and melodic flow while putting his favorite subjects – money, drugs, sex and drip – into song. Creating a sonic like nothing else, with bends, blurs and wobbles, evoking the hazy euphoria of actual drug use rather than the cold grind of selling.

Milli’s unique brand of melodic raps will surely see him coast to the top of the rap game, and after listening to ’Griselda’ you’ll understand why. 

Tune into the accompanying visual to Griselda above…