MOBO’s a joke?

Mixtape Madness Team

By Mixtape Madness Team

Mixtape Madness Team

23 Aug 2013


The MOBOs (Music Of Black Origin) are arguably the UKs biggest awards for “black” music, which seems to be synonymous with “urban”. This years panel seems to be the strongest to date and it seems we are finally getting a Grime award so things are looking bright for this years MOBOs.

Yet despite the MOBOs commercial success, its credibility has been questioned. Despite the numerous acts that emerged from the Grime scene, in 2013 we are still asking, should there be a Grime MOBO award? Are the MOBOs to US focused? Or are the MOBOs merely a reflection of the UKs attitude to music of Black origin? UK consumer spend would suggest YES… so did Wireless main stage AND how many artists boast about wanting stateside success? Let us know your thoughts on the MOBOs. Either way it looks like we will not be seeing the BET award winning Wretch 32 and the rest of the Renowned camp at this years MOBOs. Read the below tweeted by Twin B and Zeon Richards: