More white terrorist than any other ethnic group in the UK for third year in a row

Jesse Williams

By Jesse Williams

Jesse Williams

5 Mar 2021

White people are becoming the face of terrorism in the UK, now claiming the crown for most arrest over terrorism for the third year in a row.

Official figures show that 89 white people were arrested on suspicion of terror offences in 2020, compared with 63 Asian suspects, 15 black suspects and 18 of other ethnicities.

Interestingly this comes during a time where terrorist offences is largely on the decline in the UK. “The proportion of white people arrested exceeded the proportion of Asian people arrested for the third consecutive year,” a Home Office document said.

“Arrests of persons of white ethnic appearance accounted for 48 per cent of arrests, up seven percentage points on the previous year. Those of Asian ethnic appearance accounted for 34 per cent of terrorist-related arrests, down five percentage points.”

The number of terror arrests dropped by one-third to 185, the lowest figure in nine years.

“The reductions were most evident in arrests under non-terrorism legislation and may reflect the general reduction in crime during this period when there were public health restrictions in place,” the Home Office said.

Deputy Assistant Commissioner Haydon did however remark on a upwards trend in offences amongst young people, calling it “worrying”: “Unfortunately we are seeing increasing numbers of young people arrested in relation to terrorism but it doesn’t have to be this way. 

Ironically the fall in arrests coincides with a rise in the number of terror plots, a total of 28 since March 2017.

“Ideally we would identify when a young person is being led down the path towards terrorism activity and use the Prevent programme to try and put them on a different path.”