MP’s On The Booze : £133,000 Spent In Parliament Bars During Pandemic Last Year

Jesse Williams

By Jesse Williams

Jesse Williams

19 Feb 2021

MP’s and others with access to bars in Parliament managed to rack up £133,00 in spend on Alcohol last year. Besides the irony of the people running the country throwing back that much alcohol, it’s extra concerning considering it happened during a pandemic.

The total included £27,600 of sales in March, the month when the first lockdown took effect. Trade ceased after March before resuming in July as pubs and restaurants reopened following an easing of the lockdown rules in England.

The Chancellor Rishi Sunak said the pub and bar trade was ‘helping us to enjoy summer safely’.

After a break in the summer, sales began again in September when customers drank £9,700 worth of alcohol. In October, sales dipped to £3,470 with the country being plunged into its second lockdown.

Matt Hancock denied claims that month that he had broken the coronavirus curfew by drinking in the Members’ Smoking Room past 10pm.

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