Multicultural London English Dialect Projected To Become The Dominant Way Of Speaking In UK

Jesse Williams

By Jesse Williams

Jesse Williams

14 Jun 2022

MLE or the Multicultural London English dialect could become Britain’s most dominant within a century, according to experts.

The Telegraph reports, that the capitals inner-city slang has permeated wider British culture, with phrases like “peng” and “wasteman” spreading throughout social classes across the country.

University of Oxford linguistics lecturer Prof Matt Gardner said: “We don’t speak in the same way people did in the time of Shakespeare or Chaucer,”

“London, being the economic and cultural centre, drives these changes. We have seen that across the last hundred years, and we will see that across the next 100 years.”

Rappers like Stormzy have helped cement MLE vocabulary in the minds of the younger generation who already use the language and will later pass their language habits to their kids.

Experts also believe the dialect will evolve with regional accents creating offshoots based on location within the country.