My Favorite Color Drops ‘car pack’ Double Single

Joe Simpson

By Joe Simpson

Joe Simpson

1 Jun 2023

Los Angeles-via-Pittsburgh rapper My Favorite Color has release a new double single, ‘car pack’, as well as a music video for one of the tracks on the project, ‘Pink Lac’. The rapper’s smooth melodic flows are prevalent across the two tracks as he taps into different emotions in each song.

Speaking on his new singles, My Favorite Color states:

“I’d say ‘Pink Lac’ is the dream and ‘Nissan’ is when I finally wake up. I see both songs as the perfect contrast between what you hope this rap sh*t is and what it ACTUALLY is before you get to what you were hoping for. In the life of a rapper, things like love become complicated, to say the least. On ‘Pink Lac,’ I was thinking I needed the glamour and glitz to find love, but it turns out losing those things is exactly what helped love find me. I don’t want anyone loving me for my Pink Lac , if they weren’t loving me for my Nissan. ‘Pink Lac’ is a metaphor for lust while ‘Nissan’ is a metaphor for love. Choose your car wisely cause it’s a long road, regardless.”

Having been named a best new artist by Pigeons And Planes in 2021, My Favorite Color continues to add strings to his bow as he develops and evolves as a rapper. Citing Mac Miller as one of his influences, the artist has an individual sound and inventive artistry, as seen in his visuals, that will surely set him up for success throughout the rest of the year.