New Evidence In The Rashan Charles Case

Jesse Williams

By Jesse Williams

Jesse Williams

27 Nov 2020

New CCTV footage has raised fresh questions in to the death of Rashan Charles. Charles, 20 died under tragic circumstances on 22nd July 2017 when he was chased into a shop and forcefully arrested by London Met Police.

The police officer did not give any verbal warning before grabbing Rashan from behind, throwing him to the floor and fatally restraining him. Rashan was unarmed and died on the floor of the Yours Locally shop on Hackney’s Kingsland Road.

New evidence comes from a second man who the police called a “a member of the public” shown helping in the arrest. Contrary to what the police have suggested the new CCTV evidence paints perhaps a contradictory picture to the man having no police connection. Both the police officer and “member of the public” however claim to have never met each other until the fatal incident. 

The new footage shows the non officer try to resuscitate Rashan, then leave to stand in another isle of the shop, after which the officer goes to him whilst paramedics attend to Rashan. He greets the arresting officer with a one-armed embrace, offers the police man a bottle of water which the officer declines and then shows a card from his wallet to the officer who writes something in his notebook.

The two men are also seen clasping hands. Some time later another officer arrives. After being handed a package that the paramedics removed from Rashan’s airway proceeds to show the package which was placed in an evidence bag to the “helpful bystander”.