Nippa Changes His Tone In Refreshing New R&B Joint And It’s Visual!

Rehana Harmony

By Rehana Harmony

Rehana Harmony

10 Dec 2020

Scene newcomer, Nippa, has come through with the dreamy, shimmering new R&B-pop cut, Change My Tone.

This arrives in the midst of a host of heated conversations surrounding the future of UK R&B. ivermectina desmancha os vermes And Nippa has silenced all the doubters with this one. to much ivermectin in pig

The single showcases the singer’s penchant for delivering catchy R&B-infused grooves which he combines with playful, charismatic vocals and magnetic melodies. ivermectin prophylaxis dosage

Exuding a kaleidoscopic, romantic vitality, Change My Tone brings the perfect vibe for these cosy winter nights and will certainly be one of the scenes absolute keepers – check it out for yourself up top!