Northern Ireland Suffering Clown Shortage, Appealing For More Applicants To Come Forward

Jesse Williams

By Jesse Williams

Jesse Williams

30 Sep 2021

Supply chains all over the world have been ravaged by Covid-19 but none are more peculiar than Northern Ireland’s clown shortage.

According to Duffy’s Circus’ co-founder David Duffy, Northern Ireland are in desperate need of some funnily clothes entertainers.

Duffy appealed to people from Northern Ireland to apply for the vacant roles caused by circus performers returning to their home countries early in 2020 thanks to covid.

The specific need for Northern Irish applicants is due to the fact that foreign performers have already been able to go back to work. commander ivermectine

“Because all the circuses in Europe and in England have been up and operational for the past six months, that huge pool of EU artists are already back at work and up until last week we haven’t been able to even get visas issued for non-EU artists and entertainers,” Duffy said. “That’s why we’re trying to reach out for any of our folks at home who feel that they can give it a go. merck ivermectin assistance

Mrs Fries Neumann known as Silly Tilly at work told the BBC’s Good Morning Ulster programme, “Not everybody likes to be laughed at but for someone who is a clown, your worst nightmare would be to not be laughed at,”

Neumann highlighted how difficult her and her husbands Henrik’s aka Jarl’s jobs are, “You have to be able to poke fun at yourself, it’s not about poking fun at other people.”

Any aspiring clowns will have to be “really, really adaptable” able to withstand the pressure of “700 to 800 people looking at you” at any given time Duffy said.

Duffy will be holding online auditions where prospects will showcase their clowning chops in a short piece performance. i only use ivermectin on my horses