Novation Release FLkey Mini And FLkey 37 – Their First Fully Integrated MIDI Keyboard Controller Range For FL Studio

Casey Dorney

By Casey Dorney

Casey Dorney

6 Apr 2022

Striving to accommodate to the world of music technology and expand the creativity of those making new sounds each and every day, Novation release Their first fully integrated MIDI keyboard controller range for FL Studio with FLkey 37 and Flkey 37.

Take control of FL Studio’s Step Sequencer straight from the keyboard –no mouse needed

Here are some pro’s to the new release:

  • FLkey Mini is the perfect companion for the FL Studio user on the move. The compact 25-mini-key MIDI keyboard combines hands-on control of the most important FL Studio features with our best mini keys to date. الرهان على مباريات كرة القدم Producers can stay focused on honing their sound and get closer to their productions with less time spent working on a computer screen.

FLkey 37 expands on its Mini counterpart, giving creators a full-size keyboard for a larger octave range, and sits comfortably among the aspiring producer’s studio set up. العاب ماكينات قمار FLkey 37 also has extra features including Channel rack control, Fixed Chord mode and User Chord mode which allows producers to play custom chords with just one finger, and Scale Chord mode lets creators play pre-made chords in eight different scales straight from FLkey’s.

Novation’s FL Key is very ideal for those in music! العاب مربحة على النت Keep up to date with all things Novation on their instagram here.