Octavian Faces Fresh Domestic Violence Allegations

Jesse Williams

By Jesse Williams

Jesse Williams

12 Nov 2020

Update 6th December 2023: In November 2023 the Met Police and Crown Prosecution Service confirmed that Octavian Lanoire would face no further action following a three year investigation.

UK artist Octavian Oliver Godji, popularly known as Octavian, has been accused by his former girlfriend of a series of domestic violence incidents spanning the entirety of their 3 year relationship. Hana more commonly know by her Instagram handle Emobaby4real, accused the South East London artist of being emotionally abusive and physically violent.

In a string of post on her instagram she provides evidence of his actions, showing a video with him visibly confessing to beating her. The video sees Octavian aggressively saying “report me and put me on the internet” with her repeating the phrase “you beat the shit out of me” and him replying “I beat the shit out of you because you’re a fucking cunt”. She also provided numerous graphic photos, showing bruises and cuts all over her body which were caused by Octavian.

In another heart wrenching video we hear what seems to be Octavian attacking Hana with her hysterically pleading for him to “get away” from her and to “stop”. Although, we do not see him due to the camera pointing away from his face we do however hear his voice. On her Instagram story she posted a considerable number of text messages and Instgram DM conversations between her and Octavian, higlighting various manipulation tactics and disparaging comments made towards her by him. The title of his upcoming album “Alpha” as well as the cover art is said to be a jab at Hana, displaying one of the dogs they shared whilst together who is also named Alpha. She accuses him of utilising the dogs to spite her, uploading several pictures of the pets now that she does not have access to them. She also says Octavian is a “malignant narcissist” who has a “God complex”, in her account he used financial security and shelter to control her. Not allowing her to go out to social events without him and making her delete her instagram only allowing her to make a new account under the conditon that she would not show her skin. She was told she couldn’t have male friends or even confident female friends and eventually wasn’t allowed to communicate with others without being accused of being “too friendly” which would result in punishment.

This is not the first time she has outed Octavian, making similarly consistent accusations earlier this year which saw some of his team drop him as well as a number of brands he had sponsorships with. She made it explicity clear that there were “grown adults witness” to her abuse who “not only allowed it to happen but sought to cover it up” because of the privilleges and lifestyle they enjoyed by maintaining Octavian’s image.

In another damning moment for Octavian he is heard nonchalantly discussing with DJ Semtex during an interview for Who We Be Talks_ about the creation of his song “My head”. He says he wrote the song whilst “breaking up with my girl” and that she was sat in the studio with him during its creation. The song contains the lyrics “Been thinkin’ bout killin you, Baby (You fuckin’ bitch)”, “Grab the gun on my right, push them good thoughts to the sideway” and “grab the machette then I put it in your belly”.

As of now, he has denied all allegations.