OnlyFans Subscribers Could See Their Mortgage Applications Rejected

Jesse Williams

By Jesse Williams

Jesse Williams

8 Dec 2021

Customers of Onlyfans run the risk of seeing their mortgage applications denied according to mortgage advisors.

Glen Russell, director of Russell Financial Solutions LTD, claims to have “seen rising numbers of Only Fans customers turned down for mortgages due to the consistency of transactions on statements. ivermectina se toma con leche ” 

Lenders, when factoring it into their affordability calculation are said to be treating it the same way they would gambling and other addictions.

Russell did however stress that the loan rejections were not strictly down where the payments where going. securo vision catalogue

“If there was one payment on your bank statement then it could be justified as a one-off monthly payment.

“But some Only Fans users end up spending on the site far more than just once a month, and that’s when the mortgage lender could see it’s a regular outgoing payment and they could see that as liability.

“It is not the case with all mortgage customers, but I have noticed there is an increasing trend. of course ivermectin kills heartworms (unless resistant) amazon