Study Shows Brits Accessing Cannabis Due To Long NHS Waitlists

Joe Simpson

By Joe Simpson

Joe Simpson

7 Jun 2024

Mamedica, the UK’s leading medical cannabis clinic, has revealed that 19% of the British population are seeking out alternative treatments due to long NHS waiting lists. This includes accessing cannabis on the black market, as well as the use of CBD which now has a market value of as much as $144 billion.

This has caused Mamedica to see an increase in patients of 1250% in 2023 alone, demonstrating that many Brits are taking a more holistic approach to their ailments in order to find a quick solution rather than using traditional prescriptions. CBD is said to help ease both physical and mental health conditions, ranging from insomnia and anxiety to eczema and acne treatment.

Jon Robson, CEO of Mamedica, said of the study:

“Generally speaking, whilst the majority of our clients are looking for symptom relief for chronic pain conditions, we are increasingly seeing more and more patients enquire for psychiatric treatment. Medical cannabis can assist in regulating the body’s endocannabinoid system, a system in the body which predates so many systems we already have, which works with processing emotions such as fear, pain, stress, and anxiety. It has been proven how CBD and low doses of THC can help alleviate the sense of dread and worry associated with anxiety for patients and deliver a general improvement in wellbeing and happiness.