Palestinian Supporters Protest At London’s Israeli Embassy

Jesse Williams

By Jesse Williams

Jesse Williams

12 May 2021

Hundreds of Palestinian supporters marched on the Israeli Embassy in London following violent clashes in the Middle East.

Global protest in New York, LA, Karachi and Rabbat, has seen thousands of people gathered in big cities across the world to protest Israeli attacks on Gaza.

Taking to the streets of London on Tuesday (May 11) activists waving flags, banners and placards, featuring messages including “Freedom for Palestine”, calling for an end to the growing unrest.

After reports of missile strikes officials in Gaza confirmed 32 Palestinians deaths most notably 10 children, following recent protests in Jerusalem against the eviction of Palestinians from Sheikh Jarrah.

The Israeli faction claim that three women have been killed – one in her 60s and another in her 80s and the last aged 50. how long do i have to wait to bathe my guinea pig after ivermectin was administrated

The demonstration in London did unfortunately see scenes of violence amongst the largely peaceful protest, when police attempted to escort away a small group of pro-Israel counter-protesters.

The pro-Palestinian side had bonafide political support with former Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn in attendance, addressing the thousands of demonstrators who gathered. ivermectin ราคา

The UN’s Security Council is due to meet to discuss the continuing crisis.