Photographer Deletes Couple’s Wedding Photos After Being Denied Food

Jesse Williams

By Jesse Williams

Jesse Williams

6 Oct 2021

An anonymous photographer has revealed that they deleted a couples wedding pictures after being refused time to eat.

The dog groomer turned wedding photographer shared the story on Reddit detailing her experience from taking photos of her clients’ dogs to wedding cakes and bridesmaids.

The poster recounted how a friend who wanted to save money approached her to snap his wedding pics.  “I told him it’s not really my forte but he convinced me by saying he didn’t care if they were perfect,” getting her to agree to a $250(£180) payment for the day.

“I started around 11am and was due to finish around 7:30pm,” she said. “Around 5pm, food is being served and I was told I cannot stop to eat because I need to be [the] photographer; in fact, they didn’t save me a spot at any table,”

“I’m getting tired and at this point kinda regretting doing this for next to nothing. It’s also unbelievably hot: the venue is in an old veteran’s legion and it’s like 110°F (43°C) and there’s no AC,” she added. 

“I told the groom I need to take off for 20 minutes to get something to eat and drink. He tells me I need to either be photographer or leave without pay,” the post said.

This is where the post takes it’s dramatic turn with the user asking the groom if he was “sure” to which he replied “yes”, leading to her deleting all of the photographs from the day on the spot and then leaving.

“If I was to be paid $250, honestly at that point I would have paid $250 just for a glass of cold water and somewhere to sit for five minutes,” the user added.

To add more insult to injury the photographer said she had originally RSVPed to the wedding as a guest and had picked a meal choice, but the groom apparently “took it away because I was no longer a guest but hired help”.

The responses to the post were overwhelming on her favour with a former wedding photography reiterating the minuscule fee compared the the hours of Labour.

“$250 is nothing for the amount of hours you worked. Unfortunately the people who pay the least are usually the ones who want the most. When I shot weddings, I was literally forced to sit down and eat/drink by my brides/grooms, not just because it was in my contract, but because they respected me as a human being. I’m sorry you’ve been burned by this ‘friend’, they said.