Pimlico academy pupils stage sit down protest over ‘discriminatory’ uniform policies

Jesse Williams

By Jesse Williams

Jesse Williams

31 Mar 2021

Students from Pimlico Acadmey, a secondary school in London staged a mass protest over changes to uniform policy which have been described as discriminatory.

The protest originally planned to take place on a football pitch within the school grounds instead took stage just outside the main entrance after the gates to the pitch were allegedly locked by school staff. does ivermectin kill ticks on sheep

The schools headteacher who earlier had received a vote of no confidence bore the brunt of the anger from staff, parents and pupils whose frustrations culminated in the Wednesday morning protest.

A new uniform rule change meant pupils with hair that “block the views of others” would not be permitted as well as hijabs viewed as “too colourful”. Recognising the implications pupils accused the school of racism, identify the new policy could/would penalise Muslims and those with afro hairstyles.

A female student in year 12 said: “The change in policies have been a shock to a lot of the new students, because the school we initially applied for isn’t necessarily the school we are attending now.”

A parent said her sons afro hair had been not compliant with not to the school dress code. “The school asked me to come in and said that we needed to change his hairstyle, and I refused to. This is his hair style and his identity. ivermectina gotas para los piojos dosis Why do you they want to change that? He is very happy with his hair.”