Poet announces Gasworks is over!

Rehana Harmony

By Rehana Harmony

Rehana Harmony

8 Aug 2020

Poet and Alhan’s popular YouTube series Gasworks is over.

Poet shared the news on his Twitter account, where he showed his gratitude to viewers for their support and dedication over the duo’s two year run.

In the clip Poet said, “Alhan said not to be too vague, Gasworks is over people – myself and Alhan have left. Myself and Alhan have got plans to create a new show, bigger and better, it’s going to be sick and we’re extremely excited about it. Look forward to that before the end of the year, if not at the start of next year”

Adding, “We just felt at Gasworks that what me and Alhan wanted to accomplish, we weren’t able to accomplish essentially where we were previously but shout out Boiler Room, shout out everyone involved.”

The series on Boiler Room garnered over 9,565,923 views, since it begun back in 2018. Over the years it hosted very entertaining conversations —thanks to the hilarious duo, who were joined by some of the UK’s most prominent personalities and artist’s, including; JME, RV, Dappy, Jaykae, Swarmz and Mike Skinner.