Police Stop and Search Powers To Be Boosted Under Boris Johnson’s New Crime Plan

Jesse Williams

By Jesse Williams

Jesse Williams

27 Jul 2021

Police stop and search powers are to be enhanced under Boris Johnson’s new plan to crackdown on crime.

Measures unveiled on Tuesday include changes to controversial police powers to search people without suspicion in areas where serious violence could break out.

The government said it would be “permanently relaxing voluntary conditions” for the use of section 60 powers as part of their plan to “empower police to take more knives off the streets”. ivermectin horse wormer chewy.com

The ‘Beating Crime Plan’ has drawn fury from campaigners who say the move will disproportionately impact black and minority ethnic communities. Human rights organisation Liberty said it will “compound discrimination” in the UK. where to buy ivermectin for humans in malaysia

Prime Minister Boris Johnson fought back those claims telling reporters at Surrey Police HQ: “I disagree with the opponents of stop and search. Section 60 Stop and Search orders, I think, can play an important part in fighting crime,”. ivermectin paste roundworms

He added: “I think that giving the police the backing that they need in law to stop someone, to search them, to relieve them of a dangerous weapon – I don’t think that’s strong-arm tactics, I think that’s a kind and a loving thing to do,”

“The people who often support stop and search most passionately are the parents of the kids who are likely themselves to be the victims of knife crime.”