Prince Andrew’s Legal Fees Being Paid For By The Queen

Jesse Williams

By Jesse Williams

Jesse Williams

16 Aug 2021

The disgraced Prince Andrew is reportedly having his legal fees paid for by his mother Queen Elizabeth II after a civil lawsuit was filed against him alleging him to have sexually assaulted a teenager.

Virginia Giuffre who claimed she was forced to have sex with him on three occasions in 2001 when was only 17 is suing the Duke of York for “punitive damages” which could amount to £36 million if she won. buy ivermectin canada

Andrew denies the allegations, however his defence is believed to be funded by payments received from his mother’s private Duchy of Lancaster estate after being forced to step down from royal duties. ivermectin for reptiles

He also claimed to have “no recollection” of meeting Ms Giuffre, despite the existence of a photograph showing him with his arm around her waist. splitting ivermectin tablets

David McClure, a leading expert on the income of the House of Windsor said: “The Duchy of Lancaster has been doing very well and is something of a cash cow for the Queen, and the Royal Family has for a long time shown itself to be adept at keeping hold of its private wealth,”

“Should the need arise it would seem reasonable to assume that the Queen would step in to help Andrew. Clearly, she has a soft spot for her second son but she also is responsible for the guardianship of a Royal Family that is at risk of reputational damage. Were there a need to solve the problem and meet legal bills, there is not a shortage of cash.”