Investigators Say They Are ‘100% Convinced’ They Have Madeleine McCan Killer In Custody

Jesse Williams

By Jesse Williams

Jesse Williams

9 Oct 2021

Investigators in the Madeleine McCan case have said they are certain suspect Christian Brueckner murdered her.

The confidence is so high within the investigators camp that the suggestion is a charge against Brueckner could be brought up as early as next year.

Brueckner, 44, was named the prime suspect in June last year with the German currently serving seven years in prison for rape.

Hans Christian Wolter the lead investigator said they have enough evidence proceed now but want to “strengthen their position” first.

Wolter, explained: “It is now possible that we could charge. We have that evidence now. But it’s not just about charging him – we want to charge him with the best body of evidence possible,”

“When we still have questions, it would be nonsense to charge rather than wait for the answers that could strengthen our position.”

Madeleine McCann disappeared in 2007, aged three from a holiday apartment in Portugal while on holiday with her parents, Kate and Gerry McCann, her two-year-old twin siblings, and a group of family friends and their children.

Addressing the McCanns directly Wolter added: “We are confident we have the man who took and killed your daughter,”

“All I can do is ask for your patience. I personally think a conclusion will be reached next year. We have no body and no DNA but we have other evidence. Based on the evidence we have, it leads to no other conclusion,”

“I can’t tell you on which basis we assume she is dead. But for us, there’s no other possibility. There is no hope she is alive.”