Quarantine Hotel Guest On Hunger Strike After Trying To Do A Runner

Jesse Williams

By Jesse Williams

Jesse Williams

19 Feb 2021

A 30 year old man has gone a hunger strike after he unsuccessfully recorded himself trying to do a runner from a quarantine hotel.

Anthony Pium, from Leyton is still in the Radisson Blu Edwardian hotel, near London Heathrow after he was met with a wall of security guards during his botched escape.

Pium a travel agent, returned to the UK from Sao Paulo, Brazil and told journalist: “I did give them my bank account, and have tried to take the £1,750 but it has been declined because that account only has £17 on it and that was my plan. I am so angry about all this.”

Claiming to be “under duress” the East Londoner told staff “I know my law innit” as he insisted on them letting him out of the front entrance for “air”.

On his hunger strike the father of one said: “Somebody cut up a chicken tikka salad which did not look like a chicken tikka salad and I refused to eat it. I am on hunger strike. I won’t touch any of the food they give me. They have to let me out of here.”

He’s now been pictured standing at the window with a message on his laptop.

He wrote: “I have been held here against my will. They lost my suitcase. I have nothing. I have no essentials. I have told them I can’t breathe. Police told me I can’t leave without a doctor’s exempt note. Please send legal help or something!! Thank you.”