Rapper DVS Jailed For 23 Years For Torturing & Raping A Young Woman!


By Annelle


11 Jan 2017

News spread that popular rapper DVS was involved in an alleged rape and torture case and many fans were torn on whether the reports were true or false. The Brixton rapper tweeted about the allegations stating:


Well it turns out the reports may have been accurate as the rapper has been sentenced to 23 years, for the brutal rape and false imprisonment of a underage female.

The independent reported that:

‘The 32-year-old from Brixton, south London, dragged his victim by her hair, whipped her repeatedly with the cable from a phone charger and made her hold her hands behind her back while he punched her in the face and throat, Snaresbrook Crown Court heard.

The victim managed to escape the flat naked after Hutchinson raped her and threatened to kill her.

According to the Metropolitan Police, the victim suffered severe burns from a hot iron, a fractured eye socket, broken nose, dislocated shoulder and a stab wound to the hand.’

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