RAY BLK & Toddla T Join Forces For “In My Bed”

Elle Evans

By Elle Evans

Elle Evans

16 Aug 2019

RAY BLK has just dropped her latest single entitled In My Bed.

Following up from Empress last year, RAY BLK, lyrically is known for saying things how they are and not glossing them over. Tackling societal issues with complete genuine understanding, candour, humour and honestly with singles like Run Run and Empress.

RAY BLK has returned with an anthem for the ladies. In My Bed is an angry breakup anthem, in a statement RAY BLK said “I feel like us girls sometimes get into relationships we know are destined to end badly or with people we know we shouldn’t, because we want to believe they’ll change for you or be different. So, this song is like phase 1 of a breakup where you’re just angry that you were sold a dream”.

Listen to In My Bed below and on Apple Music here.