R&B Songstress Indigo Marshall Unveils Debut EP ‘Fall’

Casey Dorney

By Casey Dorney

Casey Dorney

8 Mar 2022

Hailing from Birmingham, West-Midlands artist Indigo Marshall taps into her raw R&B talent putting together her highly awaited debut EP ‘Fall’.

Following an admirable string of releases dropped throughout 2021, including “That’s What Love Is”, “Questions” and “Enough” – the rising star delivers an infectious 5 track body of work to start off the new year!

Delving into her sweet melodies, Indigo engages audiences instantly with her “Paris” intro. Exploring soothing sounds in production with compelling elements of Jazz and R&B, the intro undeniably sets the vibe for the project. Including pre-released hit tracks “Questions” and “Enough”, Indigo ensures that sense of familiarity whilst introducing new listeners to her most popular releases. Final two tracks “The Fall” and outro “Figure It Out” further showcase Indigo’s impressive potential and her overall ability as a thriving artist.

Tap in to Indigo Marshall’s “Fall” EP out now available on all platforms!