Rema Celebrates Artistic Journey With New ‘Ornament Of Ravery’ Chain

Joe Simpson

By Joe Simpson

Joe Simpson

29 Jun 2023

Afrobeats international superstar Rema has marked his success by collaborating with A Jewellers to create a custom chain. The piece has been named ‘The Ornament of Ravery’, and took over 800 hours to complete.

Rema has rose to global stardom thanks to the wild sucess of his album ‘Raves and Roses’ Having recently released the deluxe edition of the album, his single ‘Calm Down’ and the subsequent remix featuring Selena Gomez have put the artist on track to superstardom, becoming the highest charting African artist on Billboard.

The chain took 840 hours to complete and features a variety of stones and diamonds, including sapphire to reflect luck and ward off evil, as well as Tsavorite stone to symbolise energy and healing. The design is a continuation of Rema’s album cover design.

Speaking on his new piece, Rema states:

“The Ornament Of Ravery is a life form of memories to me, memories of the creation of this classic project, the sleepless nights, and the sweat & blood my team and I put in. It’s a mobile statue that depicts the aura of my present phase. It also depicts its impact on Afrobeat, the territories it has unlocked and its achievements overall.”