Rest In Peace and Power: Showkey

Mixtape Madness Team

By Mixtape Madness Team

Mixtape Madness Team

7 Aug 2016


On Friday evening the industry lost one its brightest talents; Showkey. The events on Friday has shock the industry and loved to the core. Full details of his death are still being investigated but most of cited that the cause of death was a knife wound after being stabbed in Peckham.

The news comes merely months after his close companion and fellow musician Myron Isaac Yarde, 17, was stabbed in April and was only buried a few months ago.

The words of Giggs best sums up how many are feeling:


RIP to Showkey,I’m proper sad to hear that man. Bad boy artist man,Proper heavy spitter. I was a fan,and I’m proper sad to even post this man. Proper feel it for his parents man ,my thoughts and prayers go out to them. Come on my young g’s,I keep telling you we don’t have to live like this anymore. God has provided us with more then a few ways to get out the hood now. Not sayin everyone has to be friends, but man just hold there corners and focus on some presidential shit. I didn’t have the information you man have now,that’s why I Gang banged,if I knew that man could become a famous rapper,or director,or actor I would have definitely picked that door,but I didn’t know,so man went through what man went through. But you man don’t have to go down that road. And this ain’t even a preaching ting,this is real shit,Coz I don’t want anyone to go through the crazy shit man went through,man can win Fam I promise you,man just has to know what man wants and go get it. Straight. RIP SHOWKEY

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Our scene has made so much progress in recent years, creating employment, opportunities, self belief, self sufficient, wealth of ambition. Days like this really take us back.

Mixtape Madness had the pleasure of working with him on numerous occasions and our thoughts and prays are with his family.