Rising Star B Lovee Pops Off With His First UK Tour!

Hollie May

By Hollie May

Hollie May

22 Jul 2022

The Bronx rapper is a star to be watched closely, especially after the reception he received during his UK tour. Birmingham, Manchester and London were the few cities to first see the American drill artist in action!

An array of talented new comers presenting us with various styles and sounds supported B Lovee during his tour. It is refreshing to see a artist use his platform to create opportunities for others, an international artist supporting local talent is something the UK should take on board. In this case numbers were irrelevant, the atmosphere and ambiance didn’t disappoint with true fans backing him throughout the night. Recognition to LELAB and 18XRECORDS for organizing the support acts during the tour.

B Lovee is certainly making a name for himself in the USA and most definitely rising over this side of the pond after the link up with Digga D on ‘What You Reckon’ left a statement to brew over.

What shall we expect next from B Lovee? A new hit. Repping their NYC ends B Lovee collabs with Kay Flock and Dougie B in Brotherly Love Part 2, out this friday!

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