Robbers Use Apple Watch To Track Drug Dealers & Steal $500,000

Jesse Williams

By Jesse Williams

Jesse Williams

23 Aug 2021

A gang of New York robbers reportedly used an Apple Watch to track a drug dealer and steal $500,000 in cash, according to federal prosecutors.

In something out of Oceans 11, the seven-person crew successfully hid the device purchased by and linked to 30-year-old Darren Lindsay’s AT&T account underneath the bumper of a car of the drug runner. ivermectin cnn

Having tracked their mark to a hotel parking lot in Hartford, Connecticut the gang stalked then abducted the driver the next day. ivermec dose

The victim was beaten and almost shot but avoided death being cut loose by the squad after they secured his phone, wallet and a key to his hotel room, according to prosecutors.

Crew member Indigo Grant, later walked into the victim’s hotel room using the stolen key locating and taking a bag stuffed with $500,000 in cash, prosecutors said.

The tech savvy crew were indicted in July for a string of crimes from 2019 to 2020. what is the normal dose of ivermectin

Details of the robber which took place in January 2020 were not made public by federal prosecutors until Tuesday, The New York Post reported.