Rochelle Humes Comes Under Fire After She “Replaces” Candice Braithwaite In Documentary On Black Maternal Deaths

Jesse Williams

By Jesse Williams

Jesse Williams

7 Feb 2021

TV presenter Rochelle Humes has come under public scrutiny for her involvement in a BBC documentary on black maternal deaths. It was revealed that author Candice Braithwaite was dropped from the project for former “The Saturdays” singer Humes a move which has been received poorly on social media. In an Instagram post Brathwaite said that she was contacted in March 2020 to discuss the idea of hosting the documentary, and believed it would take place “until six weeks ago”. securonix gartner 2020 Braithwaite the author of Sunday Times Bestseller “I’m not your baby mother” which tackles similar issues of black maternity was said to be “gutted” by the news of her dismissal.

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Humes announced her involvement in the project on February 6, saying she “wants to find out why” this medical phenomenon exist for black women. 


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Many are confused at to why Braithwaite, a dark skin black women who has a history of championing the struggle of black maternity in the UK was taken off the project in the first place. Some have called the replacement of Braithwaite for Humes another example of colourism in the industry.

As of now it is unclear if Brathwaite was officially replaced by Humes for the same documentary, or if her project was binned by the BBC after Humes’ own was in the world