Scooter Braun sells Taylor Swift Masters for $300million

Jesse Williams

By Jesse Williams

Jesse Williams

21 Nov 2020

Superstar artist manager, turned label head Scooter Braun has been busy this week concluding the sale of one his must dubiously owned assets, Taylor Swift’s masters.

Braun who has managed the likes of Kanye West, Justin Beiber, Ariana Grande and Usher came into possession of the master recordings of Swift’s first 6 albums when his Ithaca Holdings LLC acquired ‘Big Machine’ record label in June 2019. Since then he and Swift have been engaged in a public battle with Swift labelling him a “bully”. مراهنات اون لاين

The feud renewed itself this week when news broke that Braun would be selling the IP for 0 million (£227m) to investment fund Shamrock Capital with some reports indicating a price as high as 0 million (£338m). 888 casino arab Braun has refused to sell Swift back her masters on several occasions in the past and according to Swift herself she would of had to sign an NDA (non disclosure agreement) banning her from ever speaking negatively about Braun again if she wanted to buy the masters.

Masters make money through streaming, sampling, public broadcast, use in television, film and commercials. Swift is free to re-record songs from her first five albums as of this month and has plans to do so in hopes of reclaiming some the revenue she’ll be missing out on yet again.