Season 3 Of ‘Top Boy’ Is On The Way & The Year Has Been Confirmed

Kings Media

By Kings Media

Kings Media

8 Nov 2017

Previous rumours had it that British television crime drama series ‘Top Boy’ will be returning sometime soon but nothing concrete resulted from that and no date revealed.

Well today it looks like we finally have a breakthrough. The new induction of ‘Top Boy’ will be out in 2019 and will be screened on Netflix.

The British Drama series starring Ashley Walters and Kano has been a major hit in the UK Urban scene. No doubt the fans will be very delighted to hear the news.

Ashley Walters otherwise known as Dushane on the series took to twitter to reveal the huge news.

“So after years of speculation and anticipation I can finally reveal that we have managed to secure a brand new home for the new season of TOPBOY! In all honesty I’m more happy for you guys than myself. “We’re going back to Summerhouse. 2019″ – he tweeted

Kano was also on hand to confirm that the latest induction of the series will be released in 2019.
“We couldn’t let the streets down – 2019 (@TopBoyNetflix)” -he tweeted