Shaqdi Shares Smooth R&B Hit “Predictable”

Elle Evans

By Elle Evans

Elle Evans

23 Jan 2020

Shaqdi has released a brand new single entitled Predictable.

The London-based Swedish songstress Shaqdi has released her latest track Predictable set to feature on her forthcoming EP East of Eden dropping in April. The track follows on from the beautiful Mom which came out late last year, a smooth and addictive take on nearly getting over a relationship but being pulled back in.

Speaking on Predictable, Shaqdi commented:  “Predictable is about trying to get over someone who’s making it difficult for you to move on. After breaking up you feel like sh*t for a while and then when you finally start to feel a bit better you get that text from them saying ‘I miss you’ or some other cheap shot. Admittedly it does feel really good to hear but incredibly sad at the same time, and just not at all what you need.”

Listen to Predictable below and on Apple Music here.