Shay D delivers ‘Human Rights’ album


By Sulay


3 Nov 2018

Releasing her glorious album, shaped with a mixture of personal tales, storytelling hip-hop tracks and some tongue in cheek, fun, Grime inspired records whilst representing women, delivering strong social messages and an underlying theme of female empowerment laced within the songs, Shay D delivers HUMAN WRITES.

Exploring her world; from prejudices to the obstacles she witnesses, her vivid social commentary, delivered in varying form, highlights why she is quickly earning the title as one of the best muses in modern day creative arts. Topped with a fine addition of production credits from the likes of Nutty P, Blizzard, Micall Parknsun, Dos Gringos, Tony Bones, HUMAN WRITES is undoubtedly got all the makings of a special piece of art.

The recent release of the high-octane GIMMIE DAT added a new dimension to the previous tracks Shay D dropped from the album. Showcasing her finest lyrical chops across a trudging grime beat, her heritage also came to the forefront as Middle Eastern musical influence powered through. Meanwhile SPIT FOR ME demonstrated her rapid-fire flow and exhibited her fine-tuned lyrical dexterity going on to win Shay D support across multiple platforms that include the Kiss network, Wordplay Magazine and UKHH. The power anthem SUFFRAGETTES was chosen to be the soundtrack for the Harvey Nichols ‘Broken Windows’ campaign, celebrating the 100 year of women’s right to vote https://vimeo.com/290135678

Yet with a full 14 tracks, there’s still plenty to explore. Previously unheard gems include CAN’T STAND STILL and BETTER DAYS, both of which are exceptionally written and delve in to the skill that SHAY D has of capturing emotion and creativity within her lyricism. The album has further twists and turns with the addition of poems scattered throughout the tracklist, changing the pace and allowing time for each track to be digested fully.

Stream the full album down below now !