Could We See Robots Serving Us At Supermarkets Soon ?

Jesse Williams

By Jesse Williams

Jesse Williams

15 Nov 2020

Slowly but surely the world we know has changed. From self checkout, to self driving cars, automation technology is making us less reliant on other human beings but unlike before it’s happening at a faster rate than ever.

In some Ocado warehouses robots on a grid collect groceries, bring them to a member of staff who then packs them into boxes, and loads the goods on to trucks for delivery. But what if the robots could do the other steps too ?

Ocado sell its system to supermarkets all over the world, and it’s buyers want more efficiency. The answer could be training robots to pack the bags themselves.

Ocado is paying £198m for Kindred Systems, a company that makes a robotic sorting system and Haddington Dynamics for £19m which makes lighter-weight, and highly sensitive robotic arms.

Kindred’s sorting system is used in clothing warehouses, including some owned by Gap.

The company hopes to have a robot that can replace human pickers within two or three years, but they say people will not be completely replaced.