SL’s performs to a sold-out crowd at his first ever headline show.

Nourdin L

By Nourdin L

Nourdin L

29 Jun 2019

SL recently put on his first ever headline show where he completely shut down The Oval Center in Cambridge Heath. The 18-year-old rapper performed to a sold-out crowd. Who he had constantly singing along to his very impressive list of songs

SL brought a fan on stage to help him perform

Wearing a custom made balaclava to match the one on his recent project cover Everything Good Is bad. SL performed his smash hits such as his break out record Gentleman and hit song Tropical which recently received its silver plaque. Which fellow artist Kenny Allstar presented to him on stage during the show.

SL bought out his friends to help perform his life changing record Gentleman

SL had the crowd going crazy with his surprise guest performances by artists such as Unknown T who surprised fans with a performance for his breakout record Homerton B. SL also had UK rap icon Chip jump on stage and help him perform their collab record Genes which is also one of SLs biggest songs too date.

For his first-ever Headline show, SL done extremely well and had the crowd constantly screaming his lyrics too the top of their lungs threw out the entirety of the performance. I personally really enjoyed the show and felt that not only does SL have extreme bangers but an excellent stage presence and showmanship that you cannot teach.

I will definitely be keeping an eye out for SL next performance and suggest that anyone reading should do the same.