Solo 45 Sentenced To 30 Years

Jesse Williams

By Jesse Williams

Jesse Williams

15 Jan 2021

Andy Anokye more commonly known as Solo 45 was found guilty of 21 rapes, 5 counts of false imprisonment, 2 counts of assault by penetration and 2 of actual bodily harm last July.

But he will now serve 30 years instead of the “lenient” 24 years he was originally sentenced to. Solicitor General Michael Ellis QC said the court’s decision to increase the sentence recognised “ the severity of the abuse [Anokye] inflicted upon his victims and the danger he poses to the public”.

Three senior judges, made the ruling with one telling Anokye, who appeared by video link from HMP Long Lartin, he had “no sexual boundaries or empathy for those concerned”.

He also said Anokye had “become addicted” to the “perverted pleasure” he took from abusing women.

Calls for the rapper to be given a life sentence were rejected.