Spotify eases your lockdown blues with it’s brand-new social listening feature

Rehana Harmony

By Rehana Harmony

Rehana Harmony

12 May 2020

Spotify has introduced an exclusive, new listening experience for it’s premium members.

Yesterday (May 11th), the streaming service’s “Group Sessions” feature launched in it’s Beta version. This comes as an attempt to add more value for money, to paying users whilst enticing new ones.

The newest addition allows a “host” to share a scannable code with whomever they want – providing they possess a premium account – to take over streaming queue responsibilities, handing over the ultimate power to “guests” who can control the pausing, playing and skipping of a track-list. Along with, the decision of what songs will be added to the queue, at their leisure. Creating the ultimate real-time social listening function.

Additionally, all adjustments made to the host’s “Group Session”, will also be updated for each guest’s device. Further advancing on the Collaborative Playlist feature, that allows anyone to have the option of adding, deleting and reordering your tracks.

Although, the amount of guests allowed is yet to be set in stone this feature will “continue to evolve” depending on “user feedback”. This feature is sure to make connecting with friends and family throughout lockdown a whole lot easier and way more entertaining!