Students jailed for using KFC app glitch to get unlimited free chicken to resell

Jesse Williams

By Jesse Williams

Jesse Williams

14 May 2021

A 23-year-old university student, known as Xu, was jailed alongside 5 of his mates after they finessed £6,500 worth of free food in just six months thanks to a mobile app glitch.

Xu first discovered the loophole in its mobile application in 2018 sharing the jugg with his friends turned accomplices. In total the cohort managed to defraud the colonel of £15,500 of chicken before they were busted by police, Thepaper.cn reported.

Xu will serve a two and a half year jail sentence and fined £700 while his friends were jailed for period between 13 months and two years. The punishment seems a bit steep a sentiment echoed by some on Chinese social media where the topic is trending lax

The court however ruled that five of them used criminal methods, buying food using vouchers from KFC’s phone application and then getting a refund of the coupons by using WeChat app.