Subway Launch Their First Ever 3-inch Sub To Tackle Inflation

Jesse Williams

By Jesse Williams

Jesse Williams

18 Sep 2023

Subway has launched their first ever three-inch sub in an effort to tackle inflation.

Famed for their six-inch and 12-inch sandwiches the US-based chain launched the bite-size offering across inflation hit Pakistan last month.

A spokesperson for Subway told Bloomberg News the 3-inch sub will provide “value” to Pakistani customers, who are currently dealing with a cost-of-living crisis fuelled by double-digit percentage increases inflation.

The new menu item which is available for 360 Pakistani Rupees ( £0.98) is a unique approach in the Pakistani fast-food market with other chains opting to remove or shrink products instead.

McDonald’s, KFC and Pizza Hut have all reduce the size/quantity of their items while keeping the prices unchanged or even slightly increased.