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Mixtape Madness Team

By Mixtape Madness Team

Mixtape Madness Team

15 May 2015

Here at Mixtape Madness we love seeing innovation from local communities, especially digital platforms that empower creatives by providing them with a stage to showcase their talent and receive financial rewards. Similar to what we do here at Mixtape Madness .

So when I heard about Door 9, I thought to myself, I’m obliged to support. What is Door 9 I hear you ask.

Door9 is a online platform dedicated to showcasing and distributing the best independent films and show online. Their goal is a simple one, to provide a place where independent filmmakers can generate a true income from their content. This sounds cool right? In order to provide a quality service, they will hand pick and curate the content that is distributed and showcased on Door9. Filmmakers will get 60% of the revenue generated from Door9. This is a much better proportional pay out than Youtube to be honest. All the profit Door9 generates will be used to fund new shows and films for the platform exclusively.


53 days left guys so make sure you support the project!!

So click DOOR9 to support the project or simply learn more!!