Swarmz Debuts New Game Show ‘R U Having A Laugh’ Featuring Alhan, Likkleman, IVD + More

Jesse Williams

By Jesse Williams

Jesse Williams

19 Dec 2021

The UK’s answer to Wild’N’Out is here! ‘R U Having A Laugh’ is a new game brought to you by GRM Daily.

Featuring two opposing teams clashing in challenges like rap battles, some of the UK’s brightest personalities go head to head.

Celebrity captains include throughout the season will include the likes of Alhan, Likkleman, Ivorian Doll, TY Logan, Paigey Cakey & LV General.

“Bally” rapper Swarmz will be the shows host, flexing his new found pedigree as a full fledged entertainer. Having grown his online presence during the national lockdown with his rendition of Tory Lanez’s quarantine radio he amassed over 1 million followers on Instagram.

Produced by AGM Agency, Boy Wonder Films and Swarmz’s own production company “PDM Productions”, check out the first episode above!