Take More Photos: Lovin’ London!

Hollie May

By Hollie May

Hollie May

10 Nov 2022

A raw honest exhibition of London life has gone live in Central London, named Lovin’ London. The 2018 founded visual agency Take More Photos (TMP) whom have released many spectacular events in recent times have returned with a vibrantly artistic display of talented individuals photographs. Each picture tells a story of creative life in our wonderful capital and the amazing opportunities it holds, along with a authentic eye of London’s inhabitants.

The photographs are projected through 8k LED screens on all walls of the interior. This will be the final project of 3 planned exhibitions via TMP which began back in June this year with Pride and Black History Month. The purpose of the event’s is as described by the founder, Hassan Gazali, to encourage all to ‘Take More Photos’.

Lovin’ London is held opposite Tottenham Court Road station in Outernet Global. The event is free for all to enjoy however is due to close at the end of this month (November 2022)! So be sure to get yourself down to central and immerse yourself in what’s to offer..

Take More Photo’s: Lovin’ London