Tesco Customers Forced To Show Receipts Before Leaving Store In New Trial

Jesse Williams

By Jesse Williams

Jesse Williams

22 Sep 2023

Tesco have taken drastic measures amid what supermarkets have called a “shoplifting crisis” by forcing customers to show their receipts to staff before leaving the store in a new trial.

A Tesco Extra in Holmbush, near Shoreham, reportedly held up shoppers Costco style by checking the receipts of those who used the self checkouts.

The grocery giant is not the first major supermarket chain to add anti-theft measure in its stores. Aldi and Sainsbury shoppers had to show their receipts before leaving in an effort to take on self-checkout thieves with the latter even implementing barriers at the self service checkouts in some of it’s stores.

Tesco assured that checking receipts in shops is not standard practice and that the Shoreham store is no longer checking receipts at self-service checkouts, according to The Mirror.

Many have blamed rising prices for the increase in shoplifting.

The British Retail Consortium reported that nearly eight million items were stolen from shops in the UK in 2022, double the 2017 figure.